How it works

We help homeowners access their home equity

As you know, home equity loans are extremely helpful for homeowners who want to access some of the equity they’ve built in their homes. When applying for a secured loan through FinTek Private Equity, your client is eligible to receive up to 85% of their home’s equity. Although home equity rates tend to be higher than traditional mortgages, the terms are shorter. This offers a great solution for clients with poor credit as their only criteria for applying is that they must have equity in their home. Then once they’ve been approved, the money they receive can be used for any purpose.

Our Process




Submit your application form, 2 pieces of ID, property tax information & current mortgage.




Account manager & underwriters review your application.



Commitment & Appraisal

Broker sends commitment to borrower for approval. Appraisal is ordered.




Legal documents signed & funds transferred.

Get Started!

24-hour approvals and a quick, easy application process