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If your client is looking for a competitive rate but has poor credit, our experienced team can help them find the best financing solutions in Toronto. We help all customers, regardless of their credit rating, secure the best home equity loan rates on the market. In fact, we specialize in delivering positive outcomes for challenging applications and will work with individuals with poor credit or those who have declared bankruptcy and have no credit rating at all. As the source of capital, we can provide financing for anyone—even clients who have been turned away from their own bank. We understand how difficult it can be for your clients to secure financing with poor credit. Our easy 3-step application process offers them a simpler, more successful alternative.

Our team

Knowledgeable, experienced, reputable professionals

Our team offers a wealth of market experience; and we use our expertise to deliver the best financing solutions for your clients—regardless of their financial situation or credit history. We work with an extremely knowledgeable team of Canadian lawyers, appraisers and financial experts to provide you and your client with the best funding options available.

Our Partners

We work with the best in the business.

Your clients’ automated repayments are managed by Alberta-based DC Bank. Thanks to this partnership, we’re able to offer you the best of two worlds: the high security of a Canadian chartered bank and the extraordinary customer care of a private company.

Thanks to support from the Toronto-based Hop Skip Marketing more Canadians are learning about us.

We trust Rosenberg Smith and Partners LLP with all our accounting needs in order to provide you with legal and secure services.

Smarter Loans is an e-directory that helps Canadians find lenders. FinTek Private Equity publishes blogs to educate Smarter.Loans readers on their options

TD Bank is FinTek Private Equity’s bank of choice. With over 1,300 branches, TD Bank is ranked number one in Canada for customer satisfaction among the big 5 banks.

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